Crypto Investment Basics – Please read before you invest!

Disclaimer: This Website is NOT offering any financial advice.

1. How much do I invest? Answer: Follow the guidelines below:

  1. Do NOT play “Margin” or “leverage” even you are eligible!
  2. Do NOT borrow money and invest!
  3. Do NOT invest money more than you can loss!
  4. DO treat the money that you are going to invest already a “LOST”!

2. What is “FUD”? Answer: Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt. Any unconfirmed news or rumors could cause FUD.

3. What NOT to do while I am feeling “FUD”? Answer: Do NOT panic, and especially, do NOT sell low!

4. What is “FOMO”? Answer: Fear Of Missing Out.  The moment when everyone is buying and price keeps going up and higher, this “rushing into buying” sentimental feeling is FOMO.

5. What NOT to do while I am feeling “FOMO”? Answer: Do NOT chase the high and do NOT buy while the price is too high!

6. Why am I losing money but others are making money even we invested the same crypto? Answer: This puzzles most of people, but the simple answer is “Entry Point”? Basically, the cost of any investments determinate the future gain or lost. In other words, study the market and learn the good entry point before invest your money. This is no difference than other investments, stocks, Forex, even retails.

7. What is my first investment before I jump in the crypto market. Answer: Get yourself a hardware wallet, Trezor or Nano Ledger S. Either of these will protect your crypto investment from hacking, losing your wallet data, hardware malfunction, etc.

8. Is it safe to leave my cryptos on Exchanges, such as Coinbase? Answer: Depends, but it is recommended to keep your cryptos in a hardware wallet such as Trezor or Nano Ledger S.

9. I am new to Crypto, so what is the best strategies to success my investment? Answer: Unless you are already a profession trader (I am not), so learn to HOLD (learn how to counter FUD); set a plan when to sell (exit) and execute it once the price meet your plan (learn how to counter FOMO).