Introduction to Cryptocurrency

1. What is the first Crypto currency?  Answer: Bitcoin

2. Who is the creator of Bitcoin? Answer: Satoshi Nakamoto

3. Is Bitcoin secure? Answer: Yes

4. Is Bitcoin in bubble? Answer: Depending on how you look at it, just like all other investments, such as stock, real-state, gold, silver, antiques and so on. “If you believe it has value, you buy it. If you don’t believe it, it is a bubble! If you really hate it, go on the market and short it!” 

5. Is Crytocurrency technology applicable to our world? Answer: Yes, the fundamental technology is called “Blockchain“, which it is revolutionary and solid.

7. Is legal to use Bitcoin or other crytocurrencies in my country? Answer: Here is the link to check.

8. Is Bitcoin free? Answer: No, you either mine or buy.

9. How to mine Bitcoin?

10. Is mining profitable? Answer: Depends, please check the calculator before you invest.

11. Where can I store my Bitcoins? Answer: Desktop Wallet, Hardware Wallet, Mobile Wallet, Web Wallet, Paper Wallet. Full list is here.

12. So many wallets, which wallet should I use?  Answer: Depends, please visit here for PROs and CONs. Recommended to get a  Hardware Wallet if your finance allowed.